kamran sadeghikamran sadeghi
Together We Breathe - 2x12" vinyl LP
label: All Inn Records - ALLINN022-3
release date: May 2014
Mastered By: Andreas at Schnittstelle
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a1. Echo Phone
a2. The Journey
b1. From Under Here Everything Is Fine
b2. Follow Up
c1. Dig Out
c2. A Hollow Landing
d1. Dots & Lines
d2. Rhythm




kamran sadeghi
Last Beat - CD
Label: Arma Records
Mastered by: Kamran Sadeghi
Written and Produced by: Soundwalk Collective

Artist: Son of Rose
Title: ALL IN
lLabel: Blanket Fields
Release: March 2009

format: CD
total time: 44:49
produced: k.sadeghi | 2004-09
edition: 700 | hand numbered
design + photos: k. sadeghi
packaging: eco wallet in thick sleeve


1. Falling Forward
2. Movement Transposed
3. Row
4. Nineteen Sixty Five
5. Toward Sensation
6. Radii
7. Fragrant

"All In" is the fourth full length CD release by Son of Rose, the recording project of sound and video artist Kamran Sadeghi. A release inspired by the idea of collectivism and the atmosphere that is experienced in a time of change, "All In" has an embracing effect with it's long form structure, subtle yet surprising transitions, and modulating transcendent tone.

Catalogue: der002
Duration: 59:41
Format: CD
Edition: 800
Release: May 2007


1. TripleI
2. TripleII
3. TripleIII
4. Passage
5. From the Well
6. Ceremony
7. Eleven Eleven

On Divisions in Parallel we see Sadeghi depart from his previous palate of synthesis and altered recordings and find him exploring the world of electro-acoustics, paring digital processing and synthesis with a grand piano. Keeping in his purely improvised style, nothing here is studio trickery. Sadeghi dives head first (sometimes literally) into the tonal qualities of the piano, producing a shimmering, delicate and subtle world that is pleasantly diverse despite the tight parameters in which he works. 

Artist: Son of Rose
Title: Top Flight
Catalogue: de5005
Duration: 60:25
Format: CD-R
Edition: 100 (out of print)
Release: March 2006


1. Spectral Spectacle
2. Soil
3. Seed
4. Maverick
5. Wearing my inside out
6. Conditioned
7. Eventide
8. Top Flight
9. Sudden Departures (live @ the Decibel Festival, 9.24.05)

Sadeghi's new work is an exploration in recreating the indispensability of flight by means of improvisation, creating a combination of intuitive compositions that create subtle sonic shifts and delicate atmospheres. Created with the utmost restraint, in order to preserve the nature of the material and a sense of timelessness.

Artist: Son of Rose
Title: Self-Titled
Catalogue: de5002
Duration: 34:04
Format: CD-R
Edition: 100 (out of print)
Release: September 2005


1. Distance
2. Baltic
3. Vilo II
4. Shadow Us
5. Velo I
6. Haze

This is a series of recordings played in real-time (no overdubs) using modular synthesis. They are emotional and spontaneous pieces whose rhythmic patterns can at times resemble a school of thumb pianos, as the tones and textures unfold absolute patience.

Artist: Kamran Sadeghi
Title: Through Thickness
Catalogue: de5018
Duration: 58:08
Format: CD-R
Edition: 250
Release: September 2008


1. Day Break
2. Planar Graph
3. Teeth
4. Pivot
5. Through
6. Haptic
7. Equal
8. Irrigation
9. Shelter
10. The harvest
11. Public

 Through Thickness is part of Sadeghi's ongoing Kha series that arose from a growing interest in exploring rhythm.  Kha is a word from the sanskrit language meaning "zero" that was used to denote space in tabular arrangements. Through these explorations, Sadeghi has developed a keen sense of structure and time, and deploys them to create a truly visceral listening experience. Through Thickness slowly gains momentum, moving from timid to temerarious which only serves to accentuate the albums haptic nature.



catalog number: and.p33
title: Translations Of Opacity - For Michelangelo Antonioni
release year: 2008
format: MP3
status: available
Track listing:

1  01. BRUCE HAMILTON: Floozabrisque
1  02. KAMRAN SADEGHI: 16:9
1  03. KASSEL JAEGER: Via Alighieri
1  04. BRUCE HAMILTON: a/vent
1  05. PIERRE GERARD: Idéelle
1  06. IEVA: Constellation Op. 2 (next to her leaving)
1  07. ANDY FUTREAL: Non So
1  08. ANNE GUTHRIE: Guiliana/Corrado
1  09. MANRICO MONTERO: Jane's Eyes
1  10. BEN OWEN: (with) two rooms (are a) hallway
1  11. CELER: Birds In Yellow

2  01. SASCHA NEUDECK: Walking To Watch
2  02. GINTAS K: Indrute (Still Life)
2  03. TÜSÜRI: Deserto Grigio
2  05. COREY FULLER: Passing In Light
2  06. TZESNE: Le Amiche
2  07. MATT UNDERWOOD: False Resolution
2  08. YIANNIS CHRISTOFIDES: Space And Identity
2  09. MICHAEL TROMMER: Deserto Rosso
2  10. THANOS CHRYSAKIS: Montagna Incantata
2  11. ANDREA BORGHI: Omaggio A Gelmetti
2  12. SCOTT TAYLOR: Maryon Park 25, August 2007 (a location used in "Blow Up")

Download zip file of all tracks  (126 mb).

This is an online companion project for the upcoming Antonioni double CD release
entitled "Michelangelo Antonioni - Trilogy And Epilogue" (and/34), and is intended to
serve as a general homage. The works featured on this project  were solicited via
public invitation. The artists were given free license to create work inspired by the late
great film director, however out of all the submissions sent, only the ones featured here
were chosen. Both the CD and online projects were planned and initiated (in June,
2007) three months before his passing in September of the same year, thereby making
the launching of both projects all the more timely and poignant...

Even though the courtesy of giving people a chance to download and listen to each
track is given, it is highly suggested that the entire release be downloaded and listened
to in its proper order, so that the intended flow can be experienced.


Catalogue: der003
Duration: 61:28
Format: CD
Edition: 300
Release: August 2007
Photo: Steven Miller
Mastering: Kamran Sadeghi

1. Tadahito Ichinoseki + Tomoyoshi Date - Gensho no tabi
2. Yann Novak - Lullaby
3. Kamran Sadeghi - Untitled (kha series)
4. Corey Fuller - Light along the edge of water
5. Manning / Novak - Feeling alone all together
6. Tomoyoshi Date + Corey Fuller - Midnight sanctuary
7. Jamie Drouin - Dresden
8. Son of Rose - Grand treatments

The Cotton compilation and showcase mark the second anniversary of Dragon’s Eye Recordings’ continued examination of the intersection between minimalist electronics and unique textures and drones. Cotton represents a mix of current artists, new collaborations between them, and some new additions to the family. All of the tracks on this compilation are previously unreleased and consist of some originals for this compilations, while others are teasers for future Dragon’s Eye releases in the coming year. Cotton comes packaged in a slim clear DVD case to further showcase the photography of Steven Miller.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Paper Dragon's Eye One Year Anniversary
Catalogue: de5008
Duration: 59:23
Format: CD-R
Edition: 150 (out of print)
Release: August 2006


1. Yann Novak - Basilica di S. Maria Aracoeli
2. Son of Rose - Reunion
3. Wyndel Hunt - Unfold
4. Tyler Potts - Still Happening
5. Heavy Lids - Drum and Ghost
6. Ear Venom - Smasher & The Harar Horse.

rtist: Various Artists
Title: Family Affair A Dragon's Eye Recordings showcase
Catalogue: de5004
Duration: 60:20
Format: CD-R
Edition: 200 (out of print)
Release: December 2005

1. Tyler Potts - the swale
2. Yann Novak - piano.study.001
3. M. Evans - untitled 02
4. Son of Rose - stinging nettles
5. Yann Novak - piano.study.003
6. Tyler Potts - week thirteen
7. Son of Rose - up up up
8. Wyndel Hunt - boredom conversion
9. M. Evans - untitled 06
10. Hakea - retek
11. Hakea - noruz
12. Wyndel Hunt - come and see v.2

Available exclusive with the Winter 05 issue of Ong Ong.

cat# db01
artists: V.A.
title: listen
time: 72:59
format: CDR
no: 200
sold out

this first compilation features 14 different contributions from artists living all over the world. the idea for the compilation grew out of a deep appreciation for music and the emotional influence it has on us. each artist was approached because of his/her unique sound aesthetic - they were not confined by a central theme or concept. the end result is a collage of sonic landscapes: warm tones, field recordings, drones, textures, digitized and analogue events, and other mysterious occurrences.

db listen comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve designed by starshaped press using antique metal and wood type.

1. IJO – U.Me
2. offthesky – taciturning
3. Elian – the feeling has passed me by
4. Porzellan – irissin mangata
5. Russell garden – shh…
6. Crossroad Ego – Glimma
7. Son of Rose – flocksandflocks
8. segue – passing
9. Entia Non – silt
10. Glenn Ryszko - untitled 003
11. Chubby Wolf – A Wispy Tear
12. Corey Fuller – Mado
13. Shunji Takami – larp
14. Ryonkt - Circulation


1. Crossings - Son of Rose
2. Stairwell - Mori
3. Chevalines - Seiche
4. Mim - Hakea
5. nivvia - Skiks
6. Eviqelect - Former Selv
7. fied mod - rRine
8. Dust Collector - Splinters
9. Now Hidden - ndCv
10. Scarlet - Daniel Anderson
11. Kingsley - Bookmobile
12. Big Sky Montana - Obelus

MX002 | duration: 65:15 | format: cd