Kamran Sadeghi belongs to nowhere but the moment. Sadeghi’s multifaceted body of work in disciplines such as scoring for film and choreography, live performance, audio and video art and electronic music can be attributed to the use of sound as a sculptural material. Kamran’s music is something you enter; it is physical, hyper-magnified with unexpected shifts and sharp punctuations that draw lines in space with sound. Born in Iran and raised in America amidst the aftermath of revolution, Sadeghi's experiences of isolation and cultural dissonance shaped a nonconformist worldview evident in their distinctive artistic output.

Sadeghi emerged in 2005’s live improv, electro-acoustic, computer music scene under the moniker ‘Son of Rose’ receiving routine critical acclaim in The WIRE Magazine, sharing the stage with Fennesz, Tim Hecker and Vladislav Delay. Kamran worked for legendary composer Morton Subotnick, and one of the first galleries dedicated to multi-channel Sound Art, Diapason. As a sound designer Sadeghi recently worked with Matthew Herbert on the UK series TEMPLE.

Kamran’s album Disappearing Music (for Nam June Paik) was recorded while using the Paik/Abe “Wobbulator”. “Loss Less” was recorded live inside a defunct nuclear cooling tower and the audiovisual installation premiered at the Louvre Museum (Paris) and HKW (Berlin). Kamran’s soundtrack “Approximation” was in the group show 'Broken Music Vol.2' at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin. Kamran’s collaborative album, ’42.41’ is with installation artist Zimoun. Other distinguished collaborations include Patti Smith, Jean-Luc Godard, Nan Goldin and Sasha Waltz.

Recordings and productions are published on Sternberg Press, Vinyl Factory, LINE, SUPERPANG, Sacred Bones, Opal Tapes, Apollo Records and Dragon's Eye Recordings. As a music curator at platforms such as Fridman Gallery, Public Records and e-flux/Bar Laika Kamran has worked with Marina Rosenfeld, Aho Ssan, DeForrest Brown Jr., James Hoff, Unseen Worlds, Bergsonist, Unsound Festival, Gábor Lázár, Qasim Naqvi, Ghostly Int., Afrikan Sciences among others.

Sadeghi’s performances, soundtracks, collaborations and installations have been experienced at Kraftwerk-MaersMusic(DE) Louvre Museum(FR), HKW(DE), ICA(Boston), La Gaîté Lyrique (FR), Corcoran Gallery of Art(DC), CTM Festival(DE), KOW Gallery(DE), MUDAM(Luxembourg), MuCEM(Marseille), Centre Pompidou(FR), Berghain(DE) and Berlin Biennale.

From 2010 to 2018, Sadeghi was vital in the transition of the audio tour guide company, Soundwalk, into the group Soundwalk Collective. As a founding member, lead composer, sound artist, live performance director, music producer and co-creative director, Kamran developed, directed and produced the companies very first live performances and official music albums

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