Kamran Sadeghi is an Iranian born American record producer, musician and composer of electronic music based in Brooklyn, NY. The sound palate and process that makes up Sadeghi’s body of work can not be contained.

From performing and producing an album with Patti Smith to using the inside of a defunct nuclear cooling tower as an echo chamber, to playing live techno with modular synthesizers.  Kamran embraces the unknown and works within it, allowing for new sounds to emerge.

Although Sadeghi studied Music Theory and Composition, Jazz percussion and audio engineering, he considers himself an autodidact that works with sound as a medium because of it's impermanence, non-object nature and structural integrity. His sound world is full of hyper magnification, stillness, unexpected shifts, and sharp punctuation’s that play with an idea of drawing lines in space with sound.

From 2012 to 2018, Kamran was vital in the transition of the audio tour guide company, Soundwalk, into the music group Soundwalk Collective.  As the former commissioned music producer, sound artist and live performance director, Kamran wrote music for multiple performers, custom designed instruments, and created studio albums from non-musical field recordings.

In 2008 Kamran put the traditional output of making albums on pause to create multi-channel sound installations and performances that combined his custom designed interactive video compositions. During this period he was awarded an artist residency producing work using the Nam June Paik ‘Wobbulator’, worked for composer Morton Subotnick and became co-curator of one of the first galleries dedicated to multi-channel Sound Art, Diapason. Active in the contemporary music scene in New York, he performed at Issue Project Room, Experimental Intermedia, The Stone and many others.  

Sadeghi's output of exploratory music and productions can be found on a diverse list of labels such as Sternberg Press, Sacred Bones Records, Apollo, Cocoon Recordings, Dragons Eye Recordings, Marionette and more. His work has received routine critical acclaim in The Wire Magazine among others.

His solo experimental performances have put him on line- ups with the likes of Moritz Von Oswald, Fennesz, Tim Hecker and Vladislav Delay, Richard Devine among others.