Kamran Sadeghi is a music producer, composer and sound artist based in New York City. Coming from a diverse background of electronic music, film scores, live performance, post production/mixing, multi channel sound and video art.

Sadeghi's output of exploratory cross-genre electronic music can still be heard in his minimal, yet physical, techno and house productions.

During his first years in New York, he worked as an assistant to Morton Subotnick, while also becoming part of the  curatorial team at Diapason Gallery, one of the first and only Sound Art Galleries in North America.

Kamran's early ambient work under the alias Son Of Rose received critical acclaim in publications such as The WIRE Magazine among others. As the music producer and arranger of the art and music group Soundwalk Collective, he has performed with Patti Smith and Jesse Paris Smith, Nan Goldin and Samuel Rohrer.  

Sadeghi is fascinated by sound for it's impermanence, non-object nature and structural integrity. His compositions are often marked with hyper magnification, stillness, unexpected shifts, and sharp punctuations that give way to an idea of drawing lines in space with sound.