“…there’s a unique delicacy and poise to his compositions. More like  digital scrims made up of fluctuating groupings of microscopic events…” -  The WIRE Magazine

“Immersive electroacoustic techno experiments from the New York artist..” - Resident Advisor

“The New York City-based artist—who divides his time between there and Berlin—is an elusive character, though one who is well respected and much appreciated by those familiar with his work.” - XLR8R Magazine


Kamran Sadeghi is a Iranian born American Interdisciplinary artists, composer and record producer based in New York City.  Sadeghi’s diverse body of work can be attributed to his use of sound as a sculptural material.  An alchemist who is guided by thematic research, controlled experimentation and intuition while working with synthesis, acoustics and sound recording / processing technology.

His work has been applied to multiple disciplines such as film scores, music for choreography, live performance, installations, video art and left-field club music. 

Distinguished collaborators include American singer, songwriter and poet Patti Smith, Ethiopian Jazz musician Mulatu Astatke, American photographer Nan Goldin and French-Swiss film director Jean-Luc Godard and choreographer Sasha Waltz.  Performances, soundtracks, collaborations and installations have been experienced at the ICA (Boston), DTW (NY), Corcoran Gallery of Art (DC), CTM Festival (DE), KW Gallery (DE), K11 Museum (Shanghai), MUDAM (Luxembourg), MuCEM (Marseille), Centre Pompidou (FR), Berghain (DE), KOW (DE), and Berlin Biennale (DE). Recordings and productions are published on LINE, Sternberg Press, Vinyl Factory, Dragons Eye Recordings, Sacred Bones, Apollo Records and more.

In 2005 Kamran released his first record under the alias Son Of Rose.  During this time he performed live using a grand piano with electronic magnets on the strings - “…Sadeghi’s use of the slow-swelling properties of the E-bow filtering  through subterranean museums of opaque, glassy dreamscapes like a less  oppressive version of Halo Manash’s Isolationist Ambience. Disarming  Stuff.” - The WIRE Magazine

In 2008 Kamran put the traditional output of making albums on pause to create multi-channel sound installations and performances that combined his custom designed interactive video compositions. During this period he was awarded an artist residency at E.T.C.- producing work using the Nam June Paik ‘Wobbulator’, worked for composer Morton Subotnick and became co-curator of one of the first galleries dedicated to multi-channel Sound Art, Diapason. Active in the contemporary music scene in New York he performed at Issue Project Room, Experimental Intermedia, The Stone and many others.

From 2012 to 2018, Sadeghi was vital in the transition of the audio tour guide company, Soundwalk, into the music group Soundwalk Collective - As the former commissioned music producer, sound artist and live performance director, Kamran wrote music for multiple performers,custom designed instruments and produced studio albums from non-musical field recordings.


CV (updating)

-2020, Loss Less, Live Audio Visual Performance UCLA ART/SCI Center
-2020, Loss Less, Album recorded inside defunct nuclear cooling tower, released on L-NE, Curated by Richar Chartier
-2018 Berlin Biennale, Film Score for Mario Pfeifer’s film Again/Noch Einmal
-BAM, Brooklyn, Multi channel composition for the performance “Kreatur” by choreographer Sasha Waltz using recordings from the Gedenkstätte Berlin Hohenschönhausen (former Stasi prison) as source sound.
-Gaite Lyrique, Paris - 9Channel Sound installation - Say Watt! - Group exhibition - in collaboration with Soundwalk Collective - Paris, FR
-Centre Pompidou, Paris - Soundwalk in collaboration with Mickey Hart (Greatful Dead) - Paris Delhi Bombay Exhibition - Paris, FR
-Centre Pompidou, Paris - Soundwalk Collective - Hors Pistes Festival -"It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away"
-New Museum, New York City-Soundwalk Collective- "The Passenger"- Festival of Ideas for the New City-
-Merida Biennial - 1 single channel video - stereo sound + 1 stereo sound - Merida, MX
Diapason Gallery - “Untitled ” - sound and video installation - Nov 2009 - Brooklyn NY
Diapason Gallery - “10ms perspectives on microsound” - 8 channel audio installation - Oct 2009 - Brooklyn NY
Governors Island Art Fair - 2 channel audio + sound reactive video installation - Sept 2009 - New York NY
Gallery 4culture - 2 channel audio + 4 channel sound reactive video installation - 2008-current - Seattle Wa
Micro Series - WPAC’s Experimental Media series Exhibition - Corcoran Gallery of Art - 2oo7 - Washington DC
Inner Animal - quadraphonic sound installation - 2oo7 - Ambach & Rice Gallery - Seattle WA
Archives - Sound Art Museum, Roma Italy - 2oo5 - current
Sound Art Broadcast - Aqua Art Miami - Maimi Basil - 2oo5 - Miami Fl

Experimental Television Center - 2009 - Owego NY
Environmental Aesthetics - Satsop - 2008 - Seattle Wa

SIMULTAN FESTIVAL - Projection - "Pattern Recognition" - Timisoara, Romania
Souel International Computer Music Festival - “Voltage Motion” Sound and Video works - Nov. 2009- Souel KR
BYDESIGN FESTIVAL - “ Pattern Recognition” - Sound and Video work - March 2010 - Seattle Wa
Contour Editions - “Voltage Motion” - Sound and Video work from ETC residency - New York NY

“All In” - Blanket Fields Music - 2oo9
“Through Thickness”- Dragons Eye Recordings - 2oo8
“Divisions in Parallel”- Dragons Eye Recordings - 2oo7
"Top Flight" - Dragon's Eye Recordings - 2oo6
"Son of Rose" - Dragon’s Eye Recordings - 2oo5
"White" - Self Release - 2oo4
“16:9” - Translations Of Opacity - For Michelangelo Antonioni, and/OAR Records - 2oo8
“flocksandflocks” - Listen, Duck Bay Records - 2oo8
“Day New” - Dulcett Records - 2oo8
“Untitled (Kha series)” & “Grand Treatments” - Cotton, Dragons Eye Recordings - 2oo7
"Reunion" - Paper, Dragon's Eye Recordings - 2oo6
"Crossings" - Cumulous, Memex Records - 2oo6


-Pratt Institute; Brooklyn Campus - March 2016
Invited by professor Blake Carrington to give an over view of my work and discuss the current definition of Sound Art.
-Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema - September 2016
Invited by Jason Kliot to discuss my work with sound design for film, scoring and Sound Art.