KAMRAN SADEGHI ︎Between Us   

Between Us

Kamran Sadeghi

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Between Us

‘Between Us’ was created using DIY contact microphones attached to the glass window of my home in Brooklyn.  These protective barriers in the buildings we inhabit serve as a filter against elements from the outside.  Sheltering us.  I wanted to hear the sound outside as it was being transformed to what I was hearing inside.  There are sonic artifacts such as resonance, noise, low rumble, feedback and cyclical hum caused, in part, by the microphones excessive gain (volume).

1. Dawn
2. Morning
3. Noon
4. Night

Composed + Produced + Mastered: Kamran Sadeghi

Instruments: Buzzer Piezo Element 2.9Khz 35MM, Equalization, Amplitude

Artwork: Kamran Sadeghi - photo of recording in progress