Playback is a series of listening events curated by Kamran Sadeghi where record labels, musicians, composers, and producers will feature recordings from their catalog, premiere album pre-releases, archives, and other rarities

In collaboration with e-flux & bar laika

Canary Records, Unseen Worlds, Afrikan Sciences, Ghostly International, Ergot Records, Palto Flats 

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Radial is a performance series exploring the intersection of live sonic art, electronic music and emerging expressions in sound and subculture.  Born out of the desire to hear adventurous sound-system music in a focused and intimate listening environment where both the creator and audience’s cultural norms are challenged.  

In collaboration with Fridman Gallery.
DeForrest Brown Jr. (Speakermusic) Aurora Halal, Antenes, Qasim Naqvi, Tygapaw, James Hoff, Bergsonist, A_A, Ben Bondy, Isabella Koen, Debit, Benton C Bainbridge, Gryphon Rue. LØt.te 

Producer + Co-Curation: Julia Govor
Design: Mehmet Irdel

Does the power of sound deserve the narrowing of segregated genres? Spectral is a series questioning the categorization of music by exploring recordings from sound workers, composers and artists who’s works catch us by surprise. Having their own resonance, rhythm and frequencies, often made by altered or non-tradonal instruments, musicians continue to challenge our vocabulary - rendering classification obsolete.

Hosted by Public Records NYC
*due to covid19 restrictions, this series was held live online.  Some are archived here

GUESTS: Kyoka, Gábor Lázár, Debit, Aho Ssan, Hanne Lippard, Unsound Festival,Resina, Marina Rosenfeld, Enyang Ha, ENA, Kassel Jaeger, Sa Pa, Yann Novak, Byron Westbrook, Imaginary Softwoods