‘Music For Pictures’ is a series of releases that are crafted from an archive of various film score, trailer, and soundtrack sessions, which have evolved into distinct final versions.

'Formula Fiction' is a series of live recordings, in which all means of deconstruction are used to expand the process of making and breaking electronic music.

  “These evocative pieces by composer Kamran Sadeghi use disquiet and dissonance to open imaginary cinematic worlds.”

Kamran Sadeghi returns to LINE with a work utilizing the Wobbulator, a 1970s video synthesizer of the founder of video art, Nam June Paik. Sadeghi's previous LINE release was 2020's Loss Less (LINE_110)

“Filigree, liminal, ambient/noise sculpture composed and mixed in binaural settings, sounds best with headphones but also rewards with speaker play. RIYL Christina Kubisch, Kevin Drumm, Thought Broadcast, CM von Hausswolff” -Boomkat
 Label: Superpang

“Sadeghi amplified an original electronic music passage with a length of 2 minutes into the open aired structure of the Satsop Nuclear Cooling tower and recorded the outcome of the tower's acoustic response. This recording was then re-amplified back into the structure and re-recorded. The process was repeated ten times, and with each cycle the natural acoustics of the tower began to reshape the original passage until it disappeared entirely. This approach captured the architectural integrity and holistic immediacy of the nuclear cooling tower while symbolically removing it’s entire existence.”

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