“Loss Less”
A site specific soudn piece recorded inside of a nuclear cooling tower.
DATE: MARCH 13 2020
AVAILABLE: Bandcamp (link below)
“Music For Pictures No.3”

“These evocative pieces by composer Kamran Sadeghi use disquiet and dissonance to open imaginary cinematic worlds”
-Bandcamp on Music For Pictures No.2

“Complex Headphone Mindfuck”
-The Stranger (Dave Segal) on Music For Pictures No.2

"Music For Pictures No.2"
‘Music For Pictures’ is a series of releases built from an archive of various film score, trailer and soundtrack sessions

“Music For Pictures No.1”
The first in a new a new series of releases exploring Kamran’s film score, soundtrack and sound design catalog.

‘Uder The Peace Flag‘
feat. Hanne Lippard recorded at KW Institute Berlin
remixes from Sateq [Ateq + Sa Pa] & Steve O'Sullivan
Label: Cl.Series