Loss Less /live audiovisual performance excerpt / 2022 - currentLoss Less is a site-specific audiovisual work recorded inside the defunct nuclear cooling tower Satsop in Washington State. It is an exploration of sound and image while creating awareness of the use and abuse of our natural resources. The video installation premiered at the Louvre Museum, Paris and HKW, Berlin. The live performance consists of single or multichannel real-time video processing combined with location recordings and modular synthesis processed through an acoustic replica using the natural resonance of the cooling tower.

Magnetic Moments / 2022

Pen drawing with sound using using a phase scope of the entire album “Magnetic Moment” released on SUPERPANG

Experimental Television Center / 2009
Recorded during my Experimental Television Center Residency using the Wobbulator and other video synthesizers made by Nam June Paik and video engineer Shuya Abe. 2009
Delusions / 2022 - ongoing

Delusion is a series of video works instigated by the the Woman led revolution in Iran that began in 2022 after the death of Mahsa Ziana Amini.
"Kha Variations / Passing" - 2008

Multi display public video installation with stereo audio Commissioned by e4c, Gallery4Culture, Seattle Wa.

"Kha Variations / Passing" installation at 4Culture // full article

"Perhaps the strongest piece in this exhibit, certainly the one best suited for the venue, is Kamran Sadeghi's musical bands of color. Color and sound are used to best effect here, with visual patterns generated by the music. The piece begins with fat bands of primary color, punctuated with each individual note. As the music becomes more complex and speeds up, the lines of horizontal pigment become thinner, pil ing up in skinny lines of pink and blue until a visual crescendo is reached. The piece ends with a monochrome hum, depicted in grayscale." - Seattle Post Intelligencer 

Melting Point

Cohesion single channel video w/ stereo soundOriginally screened in 2011 at Ende Tymes : 'Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation' NYCulture - ETC